Post Adoption Services


At the core of Gladney's commitment to families is a philosophy: Family for Life.

Every adoption is a lifelong journey. Family for Life is about ensuring that our families are cared for and supported through every step of that journey. The Post Adoption Department brings together parent education and training, home study services, counseling and support resources to enhance the lives of all members of the Gladney family. Our comprehensive and professional services extend far beyond the post-adoption services required by law or offered by most other agencies. Most of these services are provided to our clients at no cost.

With more and more reality shows being aired that focus on adoption, we know that these shows can raise a variety of issues so we want to provide you with a few ideas to help address questions that may come up in your family, or among neighbors and friends.

Our Services

Gladney's Alexander Family Adoption Counseling Center brings together a team of professionals to provide comprehensive services to birth parents, adoptive families and adult adoptees.

For Gladney birth parents, we offer:

For Gladney adopted persons, we offer:

For Gladney adoptive parents, we offer:

  • Pre- and post-adoption education
  • On campus, phone and in-home counseling and support
  • Permanent maintenance of vital adoption records
  • Sharing of information between adoptive parties, if requested
  • Healthy for Life program

Gladney Family Associations across the country provide parent to parent support for all Gladney families.

Resource Center

In addition to these services, we have brought together a variety of resources to educate you and assist you on your adoption journey. Find more resources.

For more information about Gladney's Post Adoption services call 817-922-6000 x2050 or send a confidential email to


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